CCJP Celebrating Peace

CCJP Celebrating Peace

“Towards the Zimbabwe we Want, fostering Peace and Unity, Starting with Our Community”.

The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) hosted a peace festival at St Dominic’s Besa on 30th March 2019, to celebrate achievements made by CCJP in various Deaneries of the Archdiocese of Harare. As CCJP was formed in this country at a National Level in March 1972, this served as a dual celebration.

Those who attended this joyous occasion included priests, Chief Seke, Ward Councillors, members of CCJP and members of the Seke and community.

In his speech, the Spiritual Director, Fr M Jaya, commended the peace that prevailed during the 2018 pre-election and election period, and condemned the violence witnessed post the Harmonised Elections.

The day’s commemoration included presentations by various CCJP members, highlighting the attitude, behavior and context in which conflicts arise, and such conflict can be resolved, thus brining about peace. The message was clear that “Peace begins with You and Peace ends with you”.

The Chitungwiza Deanery presentation included their efforts to decongest traffic at the Mbudzi round-about, on the Masvingo Road; their Property Rights workshop where residents were educated on their rights especially when threatened with property attachment in the case of defaulting on payments to Council; their work in identifying areas where drug peddling and drug abuse was rampant.

Chitungwiza Deanery showed that in order to be successful, they worked closely with various stakeholders that included Ward Councillors, Members of Parliament, the Zimbabwe Republic Police, Parish Priests, the Pastoral Council, and residents, especially the youth.

Inner City Deanery spoke of initiatives carried out in their communities aimed at curtailing drug and substance abuse, and also of activities aimed at cleaning the environment and re-greening it.

Outer City Deanery were commended for their sterling efforts in working with the Registrar General’s Office to issue birth certificates to many children who did not have this very important document; livestock thieves who were now a menace in the community were arrested; unfortunately, during the January national shutdown, many people were injured in Mabvuku and Tafara. We thank God that they got treatment at the respective Parishes, in partnership with St John’s ambulance. At some stage, the area also experienced a high menace of strippers and drug peddling. We are pleased to report that this is now under control.

Fr E Ndete spoke on how important it is for people to know their rights and to stand for them. The citizenry should have good knowledge of the country’s Constitution and it should be availed in their mother tongues. The youth should show respect to all elders, as they represent their own parents.

Chief Seke commended CCJP for the good work they are carrying out in various communities as it brings positive change and positivity in the neighbourhoods, through encouraging peace within ourselves and within communities. He encouraged CCJP to intervene in the plight of the general citizenry where possible, citing cases of businesses who charge extra when one wants to pay using “plastic money” as opposed to cash. He also commended the work CCJP is doing in combating drug and substance peddling and abuse.

Various members of the CCJP were awarded certificates in recognition of their efforts at driving and pushing forward programs that changed communities and lives.

By Agnes


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